Trend Alert: 90's Comeback

Posted on 14 July 2016

The 90's are officially back and better then ever... OH SNAP! All around the world we have seen these throwback trends coming full circle and reworked into 2016. We've narrowed it down to the five that really matter from some of the hottest fashion icons then and now. 

If you love Clueless, Brittany Spears circa 1998, everything Drew Barrymore, & a badass Winona Ryder stay tuned for all that and a bag of chips. 

1. Chokers

Trend Alert: 90's Comeback
Source: Getty Image & Wire Image

Drew Barrymore x Kendall Jenner || A trend basically resurrected from the dead, who would have thought these would have actually made a comeback? We are swooning over this reinvented look that has become more chic than ever before. 

2. Biker Jackets

Trend Alert: 90's Comeback
Source: Getty Images & XPUSPAP

Winona Ryder x Khloe Kardashian || Leather has never really fully gone away, however, the recent comeback in biker and bomber jackets has completely sky rocketed. Now a staple wardrobe piece, a moto jacket is the perfect way to channel that inner badass.

3. Denim

Trend Alert: 90's Comeback

Source: Rex Images & Fame Flynet

Drew Barrymore x Kourtney Kardashian || Cropped wide leg denim? You really shouldn't have... or should you? You thought keeping this trend in the past was best but we think not! These two really know how to kill this look flawlessly making us all want to try it out this season. 

4. Tube Tops

Trend Alert: 90's Comeback

Britney Spears x Kim Kardashian West || Bomb diggity is all we can say. One of our favorite comebacks EVER. How can you not love the classic tube top? 

5. Flannels 

Trend Alert: 90's Comeback

Source: ELM/Splash News

Alicia Sliverstone x Kylie Jenner || AS IF, we are seriously still obsessing over flannel and plaids. Whether you're rollin' with the homies or stepping out by yourself... Remember: Flannel is always a good idea. 


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Trend Alert: 90's Comeback

Trend Alert: 90's Comeback

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