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Posted on 02 August 2016

As hard as it is to believe… it’s finally August and the end of 2016 is upon us. Don’t freak out! There is still time for that workout/athleisure revamp you’ve been searching for to give you that extra motivational boost. We totally understand that looking good while working out is mega key. If you don’t have a killer workout outfit then your gym sesh may be lacking. We are so keen on the saying “look good, feel good”. This year athletic apparel has become accepted into the everyday wear, meaning you can wear trainers or yoga leggings basically anywhere and still look super trendy. Whether you’re doing your weekly grocery shop, hitting the farmers market, or going to take a spin class we are here to help you pick the best versatile fit from top to bottom.

Headwear Accessories:

Time to luxe your outfit up with baseball caps & Dad caps, taking place over the previous beanies and snapback trend. The best part is, is that you will never have to experience a bad hair day again. Becoming a staple piece in the athleisure lifestyle, we can promise you this will change your life.

Product image of baseball cap found at

Bras Tops:

Sport bras double as a cropped top and it has become more acceptable to wear sport style crops with high-waisted bottoms as well. Another staple in and out of the gym, they definitely don’t skimp on style but they are also super supportive and comfortable for working out too.

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Crops & Leggings:

You can literally wear leggings all day long now. We like to keep it neutral when it comes to bottoms, to make a chic statement but not draw too much attention. These pair flawlessly with the above bra tops, don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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Key piece; not only do you want a trainer you can run in, but wear everyday on the regular too. We’ve seen Adidas, Nike & APL lock this style down and completely revolution the trainer into the fashion world. This lets you keep it simple and sporty but also channel that inner chic, effortless atheistic 24/7.

Product images of athletic trainer shoes.

Athleisure Inspo

We’ve complied a few of our favorites who have defined this trend to inspire you to become a part of the Athleisure movement.

Images of Kim Kardashian-West, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Kourtney Kardashian all wearing athletic clothes.

*Images: No copyright intended. Source: Getty Images / Instagram

Workout Revamp – Trending Training

 If you’re participating in the athleisure trend, you will probably be working out at some point during the day. Currently obsessing over pilates, spin, and barre just to name a few. We are super into class-based workouts for those days you aren’t feeling like hitting the gym.

Spin || If you’re looking to push yourself to the max for 45 minutes, pedaling to some killer music then spin is just what you need. You’ll get that full body workout and finally come to terms of what a sore butt really means. If you are healthy and injury free adding spin to your workout routine a few times weekly it’s only going to advance your fitness.

Our pick: Cycle House Los Angeles

Cycle House logo.

Barre || Looking for the best core workout ever? Have zero experience? You should definitely try Barre class. It’s a great workout from head to toe and is always fun, never boring. You;ll be able to loose weight and inches as many of these workouts target large muscle groups to raise your metabolic rate.

Our pick: Pure Barre

Pure Barre logo.

Pilates || This is the total ab workout, eliminating the muscle imbalances and toning your abs overall while improving your body and mind awareness. Known to create strong muscles and a leaner look, if you have never tried pilates we highly recommend taking a class that utilize the reformer bed. You will definitely be sore for days later, but the results are totally worth it.

Our pick: Pilates Platinum

Pilates Platinum logo.

We are all in for this athleisure trend that has circled the globe this year, who doesn’t want to wear yoga pants all day? Comment below and let us know some of your favorite athleisure gear and what new workouts you’ll be trying this month.

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