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Posted on 28 July 2016

Our go to guide for quick summer hairstyles that will have your mane feeling effortless. We are obsessed with these hair trends that are super easy and fast! Whether you’re out the door for work or the beach this summer we’ve complied a few versatile looks that we think will kill either occasion.

Sleek Ponytail

A Kim Kardashian West classic-chic look, we love this style every single time. It is so perfect for the workday or even dressing up for a night occasion. This style is also super easy and quick but makes you look so put together in a matter of moments.

Three images of Kim Kardashian-West in her classic sleek ponytail look.

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Product images of Kardashian Beauty products.

  1. Start with clean hair.
  2. Use nylon and boar bristle brush or a wet brush to smooth strands.You want to make sure you are able to gather your hair right below the crown of your head. Brushes such as these help eliminate static.
  3. Smooth the sides with product.We recommend using the smooth styler blow cream when drying to smooth your hair from there, however, you’ll want to use a serum or cream if you have a lot of additional fly aways to keep your hair in place all day/night.
  4. Spitz with hairspray. We love the K Beauty Pure Glitz Hairspray; it gives a little shine to your overall look while still holding the do in place. We recommend using just a little bit as we want the look to still look sleek and not sticky or crunchy.
  5. Secure your ponytail using a hair elastic. Once it is secure wrap a strand over hair from the ponytail around the elastic to hide the band from showing to keep the look chic.

Wavy Lob

There’s nothing better than loose beachy waves for the summertime and none other than the Khloe Kardashian does this look better. Aside from lobs being super trendy this season Khloe gets the perfect volume and wave to complete this look flawlessly day after day. If you don’t have a lob there are plenty of ways to make this work or how to make your hair appear shorter than it really is.

Three images of Khloe Kardashian sporting her wavy lob look.

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Three product images of Kardashian Beauty products that help get the wavy lob look as pictured above by Khloe Kardashian.

  1. Tie up the top section of your hair.
    2. Prep hair with a heat protectant and cocktail together the Twirl Me Curl lotion and the K Beauty volumizer foam to create a voluminous beachy wave.
    3. Wrap hair around the 3 in 1 curler as advise in the directions to make the desired wave you would like.
  2. Let down the middle and top sections of your hair, and repeat.
    5. For the face-framing sections of hair, take smaller pieces, alternating the direction of the wave by twirling the hair around towards and away from you.
    6. Spritz your hair with a sea salt spray or texture spray.


Brazilian Blowout

We love to make it to the dry bar as much as we can to get a blow out but sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Surprisingly, we’ve found its super easy to do this to your own hair with the right products and tools. Kourtney always execute this simplistic chic hairstyle seamlessly for any occasion.

Three images of Kourtney Kardashian sporting the Brazilian Blowout look.

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Three product images of Kardashian Beauty products that help get a Brazilian Blowout look.

  1. Wash your hair twice using the Black Seed Oil Shampoo and towel dry hair thereafter
  2. Divide your hair into 4 sections, 2 at the base and 2 at the bottom
  3. Apply the K Beauty Hair elixir through all sections as needed
  4. Using a round brush, blow dry your hair holding the hair dryer facing down the entire time. You want to keep the hairdryer about 2 inches away from your hair in order to maximum the steam needed to achieve the end look. *Tension is key, keep the hair very tight
  5. After dry, flat iron your hair throughout quickly
  6. Rinse your hair using warm water only, no shampoo or products
  7. Blow-dry your hair again as above and you have yourself the perfect at home Brazilian blowout.

We love all these hair trends and styles recently and we will definitely be trying all these. Which ones do you love? Who do you get your hair inspo from? Comment down below and let us know.

*Photo Credit: Getty Images // No copyright intended. 



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