Step Up Your Sportswear Game

Posted on 21 April 2017

Image of model wearing grey sweater with blue jean skirt standing next to a tennis court.


There’s no doubt that sportswear has become a staple piece in every closet. Coveted brands like Vetements paved the way towards combining fashion and function for the girl on the go. We’ve got you covered with the sleekest athleisure outfits to take you from the gym to brunch!

Our Gear Up Collection consists of the most-wanted sports-chic pieces. Functionality and style play a major role in rocking our athleisure looks. Influenced by classic colors and comfortable fits, the collection provides stylish easy-to-wear looks. It is what it set out to be: a sport-influenced casual assortment, ready to wear with any ‘fit.    

You can find these pieces online and in-stores! 


Image of model standing in front of an aisle at the market wearing white bodysuit and tan sweats.

Image of model wearing sports bra and leggings in an aisle at the market.


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  • Snezana: April 23, 2017

    Hello!I love your collection,I was wondering whether you send to other countries? I would very much like to have a perfume Kim Kardashian.

  • Kate: April 22, 2017

    Hi I’m Kate,
    I really love what you guys have done in the stores and what you sell. I am also really into fashion and would love to help or get involved in dash! Thanks so much

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