Mani + Pedi Report Fall 2016

Posted on 04 October 2016

Picking your nail color this Fall may be a bigger deal than you even realize, with so many color tones surfacing and trending it can make or break your nail game if you go wrong. We have curated a few combos of our go-to nail hues this season. Now, we love to keep the manicure + pedicure the same and tend not to mix it up, however we advise you to step out of your comfort zone and try these remarkable duos.

Product images of OPI manicure and pedicure colors.


Pair different shades of purple and mauve, these hues while still in the same family give a complimentary look while being able to have different tones on your hands & feet.

Product images of OPI manicure and pedicure colors continued.

If you don’t want to step out of the box too much, go for a deeper red than you typically would. Pairing this red with an off-white grey brings the hues full circle without being overbearing.

Product images of OPI manicure and pedicure colors continued.

This combo is perfect for your girly side if you’re looking for something pink toned but want to stay away from summer colors. Pairing a deep nude with a cream color for your toes is so chic!

Product images of OPI manicure and pedicure colors continued.

In the past we have loved black for our manicures, however this year we are seeing more navy and blue tones popping up. Pair your navy with a super light almost white grey for your pedicure for a super luxe look.

These are our favorite combos for the Fall season and can even be used for the transitioning period to Winter. We’ve stepped away from our traditional nudes/pinks and have incorporated deep tones and light hues.

Comment below and let us know which combination you are going to try!

Xoxo, DASH


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