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Posted on 27 October 2016

Just like your wardrobe and switching out styles per season, it's important to do the same for your skincare routine as well. You may be thinking "I'm going to use this product all the time, all year round." but in all actuality you really shouldn't. With the season's change it is important to make sure you are utilizing the products your skin needs. 
Step 1Cleansers
As always, cleansing is very important for your everyday routine. Making sure your pores are clean and open before moving to the next steps is crucial. If you have a cleanser that works for your skin type it's not necessary to change season to season as long as it's doing it's job. 
Exfoliate Exfoliators
While exfoliating is not ideal for every skin type especially acne or acne prone skin, if you are able to without causing breakouts, exfoliating is a must. It will not only brighten and rejuvenate your skin but will break down those old, dry skin cells we don't want. We suggest not over doing it and using a scrub 1-2 times per week. PS you can also exfoliate your elbows, knees, legs, etc not just your face! 
Toner can be really hard on your skin if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. When choosing a toner for your skin type make sure you evaluate all the ingredients present and to try to go for a gentle toner with a water base serum. We highly recommend swapping out your typical toner and using Witch Hazel in it's place. It will heal, soothe, and reduce inflammation like no other product. 
The Fall and Winter months tend to be dryer meaning it's really important to make sure you are moisturizing your skin twice daily. Look for a moisturizer that has Vitamin E present as this will also help with anti-aging and keeping your skin looking young + flawless. Also try a cream base instead of lotion for more intense hydration. 
Priming your face especially in the Fall and Winter can make a huge difference in your overall finished look. Even if you're not going to be full glam, priming your face before applying makeup of any kind is key. This will protect your skin and allow a barrier for your makeup to not soak directly into your pores and clog them. We love primers with water-based composition as it makes your skin feel so lightweight and cleansed. 
Sunscreen + Face MaskSunscreenFace Masks
Don't forget to still apply sunblock to your face even in the colder months, although you won't be directly basking in the sun, damage can occur to the skin all times of the year. Mix your moisturizer with a lightweight facial sunblock for maximum coverage. You won't even notice it's there but you will be happy you did later. It's also a good idea to do a facial mask once or twice weekly to help keep your skin in check at all times. 
While each skincare routine is specific to your individual skin type, we are loving these tips when transitioning to our new products for Fall.
Comment down below with your favorite Fall skincare products you find work best!

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