Denim Decoded | Guide to finding THE perfect pair of jeans.

Posted on 25 August 2016

 As we all know by now, finding a pair of jeans to fit your body type exactly how you want is actually really challenging. Unless you have that go to brand or particular style, trying to go for new washes, fits, and silhouettes can be trial and error before you fall in love.

But no worries, we feel the struggle and we are here to help the pain! Thanks to our DASH Corporate team, we’ve correlated a denim edit to find the perfect fit denim for your body type and/or style you want to try this season.

Let’s find your match made in heaven, xo


Image of a model wearing flare denim jeans.

Flares have definitely made their comeback within the last few years, however, almost everyone is still saying they aren’t their style or the fit just isn’t right. Flare denim can be tricky to find the pair for your body type.

Our fave: Mia Flare by Hudson

5”4 and under: We recommend finding a more subtle flare that isn’t going to make you look like you’re drowning or shorter. Get them a little longer than you normally would so that you can wear heels and this will make you look taller and slimmer. If you are curvier, make note that flares may not be for you, and may give a triangle effect to your overall shape due to height and curves.

5”5 and up: If you are taller and column like, flares are definitely your friend and will synchronize your natural proportions. Flares look great on you because your legs are able to bare the volume of a wide leg bottom. You can rock bell-bottoms, super wide leg flares, or basically whatever flares you want.

Image of a model wearing relaxed skinny jeans.


Relaxed Skinny the style that falls right in between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. Many styles have been taking over the classic skinny jean and we have seen less and less down to the ankle skinnies. Fashion has focused its eyes on a relaxed fit that remains loose and tappers slightly at the ankle.

Our fave: Lux White Freebird II Skinnies by One Teaspoon 

5”4 and under: If you are very petite, relaxed skinnies are for you. You know that boyfriend and mom jeans don’t work out very well for you, as you generally look swallowed or childish in these. But with the tapering at the ankle for these, they allow you to get that vintage baggy look but still compliment your body and height.

5”5 and up: If you are taller and curvier, a relaxed skinny is probably your go to baggy jean as it fits like a skinny still so you have the room in the hips and butt that you don’t find in mom or boyfriend jeans. For slimmer silhouettes, we recommend staying away from this style as the baggy + slimness of this denim makes your proportion look very uneven.

Image of a model wearing distressed denim jeans.

Distressed Denim Heavy distressed denim is very on trend lately and we have seen more and more designers experiment with this style. We recommend for everyone to at least own one pair of distressed denim.

Our faves: Go See Skinnies by Blank NYC

5”4 and under: When finding a pair of distressed denim the main thing to take into consideration is the placement of the distressing. If you are short, we recommend staying away from denim that has heavy distressing on the knees if you aren’t able to find petite. You’ll notice that the distressing falls below the knee where it should not. This gives the legs an elongated effect in all the wrong places. Stay with distressing at the hips and thighs, as well as raw cut hem detail.

5”5 and up: Distressed denim works well if you are taller because the placement of the distressing generally hits at all the proper areas. However, if you are slimmer we recommend staying away from heavy distressing above the knee and stick to the full open knee or distressing below, as this will avoid any chance of the overall fit being lost.

Image of a model wearing high waist jeans.

High-Waist A favorite versatile style for almost all body types, we can agree that high waist denim is here to stay. High waist denim shows off the true shape of your body and embraces your femininity while being super trendy at the same time.

Our fave: Sophie High Rise Skinnies by A Gold E

5”4 and under: High waist denim gives off the illusion of being taller and having longer legs, the super benefit of this style. If you are curvier, go for a high-waisted denim with a thicker waistband and less pocket details, this way everything will lay nice and flat and contour your waistline to look smaller.

5”5 and up: Take into account the inseam when purchasing high-waisted denim, we recommend shopping between 30-35 for the inseam, this will allow the pant to fit exactly where it should both at the waist and ankle. If you are slim, high-waisted anything usually slims you out, look for jeans that have back pockets that sit higher than usual to give you an instant butt lift.

Image of a model wearing skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans A trend that will probably never end, although skinny jeans may be taking a back burner to all the new styles and silhouettes they are still here to stay.

Our fave: Nico Midrise Super Skinny by Hudson

5”4 and under: The key to skinny jeans if you are short is to make sure that you are getting the appropriate length, nothing is worse than skinny jeans that bunch at the bottom and make you look shorter. If you can’t find the proper length, we recommend getting your denim tailored to fit you or cuffing them at the bottom to avoid this.

5”5 and up: If you are tall, take into consideration that skinny jeans are going to slim you out like the high waisted bottoms and fit very snuggly to your figure. That being said, try a bunch of different styles and sizes to avoid any sagging in areas where the pants should fit tightly. Also, wearing heels of some kind with skinny jeans if your taller will actually add the illusion of curves to your shape.

Image of a model wearing girlfriend jeans.

Girlfriend Jeans it is no longer all about the boyfriend jean, we are all about the girlfriend. Basically more form fitting than the boyfriend jean but flatter you unlike a mom jean, girlfriend jeans will hug you and your curves in all the right places.

Our fave: Fox Black Freebird Skinny by One Teaspoon 

5”4 and under: Basically your best bet if you are short and slightly curvy, girlfriend jeans have a higher rise in the back and the front allowing the pocket placement to really flatter and slim you out and you can get them over your hips. With the straight leg cut these are also great for short girls because you will most likely be able to find the proper fit and length all in one without alterations.

5”5 and up: Also very flattering for taller silhouettes, due to the straight leg design these jeans aren’t going to slim you out too much in the legs. You will still hold your perfect proportions throughout this style but be more comfortable than in a low-rise boyfriend jean. However, you may need to get these altered as generally the hips and butt are made larger in these styles.


We know finding new denim or trying new styles is no walk in the park, we hope we were able to answer some of your questions and give you some feedback from our DASH Corporate Dolls on what denim might work for you. Comment below and let us know what style of denim you will be sporting for the upcoming fall season!

Xoxo, DASH

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