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Posted on 19 July 2016

Today we decided to take you behind the scenes of one of our eCommerce product shoots to give you the inside scoop of how it goes down at DASH headquarters. We interviewed our photographer – Anthony Pino to gather all the tips and tricks he uses for photo taking, editing, + more.

This week we shot a plethora of new arrivals (get excited!) new active wear, dresses, and denim make up a majority of what is soon to hit Our typical shoot day last the duration of day shooting many new products, model outfit shots, and flat lay photos for the DASH Instagram.

 Q&A - Anthony Pino || Manager, E-commerce Photography

Studio image of Anthony Pino, the in-house photographer.

Q: What does a typical DASH shoot day look like for you?

A: A typical shoot day at DASH consists of prep and execution. Our job during a shoot is to ensure each piece of clothing looks desirable and accurate.

Q: What are your favorite products to shoot?

A: Dresses and jeans are my favorite products to shoot. I feel like most people enjoy a nice pair of good fitting jeans and I can execute that seamlessly.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about shooting and/or editing?

A: Believe it or not but clothing pieces can be a bit stubborn. Having the patience during a shoot to ensure each piece of clothing looks correct is key. Sometimes we have to reshoot things or style the items differently on the model to make sure it is portrayed correctly, which takes time.

Q: How did you initially get into photography?

A: I fell in love with photography when I was handed a Polaroid camera as a teen. Ever since then I enjoy capturing moments of time.

Q: What is your “go to” Photoshop tool?

A: The beautiful thing about Photoshop is Command Z, but my go to tool in Photoshop is “Select and Mask”

Q: Whom is a photographer that you admire/look up too?

A: Cindy Sherman, her ability to use photography as a way of challenging society and pop culture is remarkable.

Q: Advice for someone who is interested in pursuing photography?

 A: A professor I had back in art school constantly lectured on the importance of capturing the image in front of the camera. Don’t tell yourself “I’ll fix it in post” CAPTURE IT IN CAMERA

Q: Do you have any photoshop or editing secrets to share?  

A: Use a tablet!

Side by side image of a typical clothing rack on a e-commerce shoot day and a picture of a photographer taking a picture of a clothing model.

Anthony has been a valuable DASH employee since launching our website last April. Aside from product shoots and photo editing, Anthony has also shot a majority of our DASH lookbooks. In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time with his family and girlfriend.

Thank you Anthony for all your hardwork!

Four images of previous look books.

Our first inside scoop of what goes on behind the scenes at DASH! How exciting! What other behind the scenes would you like to see? Comment down below and let us know.

Xoxo, DASH



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