Mad About Hats

October 20, 2016

The best season's to add hats to your wardrobe are definitely Fall and Winter! Whether you’re in the mood for beanies, brimmed hats, or even baseball caps, they are all essentials in our book. Plus if you’re having a bad hair day adding a fashionable piece to your look will make it basically unnoticeable.

Ugh so many choices we might just have to get one of each! Comment down below and let us know what hat or beanie is the one for you.



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Gym Fits

October 18, 2016

If you’re gonna workout you might as well look fly while doing so, with activewear becoming a huge trend this year you now have no excuse to not workout and have your workout fit on fleek.
We’ve channeled inspiration from our favorite sister, workout duo. Let us help, we’ve put together a few of our top fits to stay FIT!






Trust us, if you rock any of these to the gym it's gonna make you and your workout feel a million times better. Always remember: Look good, FEEL GOOD!




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Outerwear We Live For

October 13, 2016

Whether we’d like to believe it or not, before we know it Fall will soon be over and the Winter months will be in full swing. With that said, our favorite time of the year – undoubtedly – is the transition period for fashion between the two where it is not too cold, but the heat wave has dwindled in its entirety. There is no more perfect time to swoon over amazing outerwear pieces that will soon come + go.  


A must have in your wardrobe is a coat or thick trench of some kind; we recommend a versatile piece for both indoors & outdoors.




We’ve said it before & we will say it again, but it’s basically a no brainier that if you don’t own a leather moto jacket or bomber you need to purchase one NOW.



Bomber jackets literally go with everything; it’s a must-have piece in your closet to transform your style into a sporty, edgy, carefree look for Fall.



No secret to twenty-sixteen, dusters have become the “IT” piece; a lightweight trench is also another piece you should be adding to your collection. This is the perfect garment to wear casual or dress up for nighttime while keeping covered.


Layering with a coats or jacket is always our favorite part of fall fashion, it gives you the ability to really complete an entire look from head to toe.


Let us know below what your go-to outerwear this season is in the comment section.




  • Look at comments

    - Suzanne Goetz , 10/14/16
  • I’m new to the newest Dash line and I love so many pieces plus I’ve seen how some of the Outfits fit from following the Kardashian styles and then when I’m shopping on Dash I’m like Khloé looked awesome in that.Im 55 and have Scoliosis very badly so forever I wouldn’t shop cuz I’m slumped over.When I looked at Dash on line I saw the leather bomber jacket and I thought I deserve this!!

    - Suzanne Goetz , 10/14/16
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October Obsessions

October 11, 2016

A compilation of all things we are loving this October.

Created by beauty editors, skincare + makeup all in one. Celebrating real girls & imperfections for those natural makeup looks. 


Obsessing over block heeled boots with statement patterns or textures. Make your shoes the center of attention this season and keep the rest of your look minimal.



Banks, an Orange County native released her new album called The Altar full of a raw display of emotions. We’re hooked. 




Los Angeles - West Hollywood’s new rooftop hot spot, with over 340 seats and a retractable rooftop, this place is anything but boring. It’s quite the “catch” if you ask me.




New York - A new addition to Chelsea, this wine bar feel restaurant with all vegetable focused dishes and over 1,600 bottles of wine to choose from.



Miami - South Beach just got a new amazing late night spot, a casual sandwich joint with 12 different options for what is known to be an iconic sandwich.


The latest list of what we are currently obsessing over this month. Let us know in the comments below if you’re going to be trying out any of these stellar picks!


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Costume Couture 2016

October 6, 2016

Halloween is right around the corner which means it is time to start planning your costume for this year. Instead of buying an already made costume, we encourage you to get an idea of who you want to be and put all the pieces together yourself. This makes for a super chic, one of a kind look plus you can usually wear the items you have purchased  to incorporate into the costume instead of being stuck with something you may never use again.

We pick a few of our favorites and took inspiration to create our very own looks from our current collection at DASH. 


Comment your favorites below + let us know what you are going to be this year!



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Mani + Pedi Report Fall 2016

October 4, 2016

Picking your nail color this Fall may be a bigger deal than you even realize, with so many color tones surfacing and trending it can make or break your nail game if you go wrong. We have curated a few combos of our go-to nail hues this season. Now, we love to keep the manicure + pedicure the same and tend not to mix it up, however we advise you to step out of your comfort zone and try these remarkable duos.



Pair different shades of purple and mauve, these hues while still in the same family give a complimentary look while being able to have different tones on your hands & feet.


If you don’t want to step out of the box too much, go for a deeper red than you typically would. Pairing this red with an off-white grey brings the hues full circle without being overbearing.

This combo is perfect for your girly side if you’re looking for something pink toned but want to stay away from summer colors. Pairing a deep nude with a cream color for your toes is so chic!

In the past we have loved black for our manicures, however this year we are seeing more navy and blue tones popping up. Pair your navy with a super light almost white grey for your pedicure for a super luxe look.

These are our favorite combos for the Fall season and can even be used for the transitioning period to Winter. We’ve stepped away from our traditional nudes/pinks and have incorporated deep tones and light hues.

Comment below and let us know which combination you are going to try!



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How to Style Belts for Fall 101

September 29, 2016

Accessorizing during the Fall season is a MUST! However, with the season’s & weather change, you have to start dressing for the cold as well as keeping stylish. Adding a belt to your look can be super easy and effortless, by adding it to your denim or even a dress can up your look in a matter of seconds.

Take a peek at our style inspo:


We are obsessing over these timeless, chic looks and had to recreate them ourselves. And we think you should too!




If you haven’t yet picked up a belt to mix and match with your new fall wardrobe you still have plenty of time. This is for sure a staple piece and we don’t want you to miss it!


Comment down below and let us know if you are going to be accessorizing with belts this Fall and what other accessories you are adding to your wardrobe.




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Exclusive Relaunch Preview

September 27, 2016

We’ve been working on something behind the scenes that we are so excited to share with you very soon… aka this Thursday, September 29, 2016! Our site has gotten a complete revamp and what we like to call “new views”. We’ve made everything much more interactive and online shopping friendly.

A few things you can expect to see with our new interface are a shoppable Instagram, filters, and curated collections made exclusively by our favorites – Kourtney, Kim, & Khloe. Our shoppable Instagram will be featured directly on the site so you can instantly buy the pieces we post in our photos. Additionally, we’ve made shopping much easier, you will now be able to apply filters to categories + searches, so if you’re looking for something specific you’ll be able to do just that. We are so excited to have different collections from Kourt, Kim, & Khloe featuring some of there favorite pieces we currently have, this way you will be able to shop like they would!

Take a look at our sneak peek here.... shhhhh it's a secret. 

Our eCommerce Manager, Debbie Ann working on the finishing touches for the new interface. Only 3 days until launch!

Our new site features exclusive collections by Kim, Kourtney, & Khloe of their favorite merchandise at DASH!

A preview of our shoppable Instagram, you will be able to click each of these photos and be taken to a link of the products you see in the photo. Amazing! 

Now we don’t want to give away all the little surprises so stay tuned for this Thursday September 29th! You won’t want to miss it.

Comment and let us know if you are excited to see the new site!


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Hello Autumn!

September 22, 2016

Wohoo! Officially the first day of Autumn! How exciting, this is definitely one of our favorite times of the year. We welcome so much new to Fall, a new season full of the latest trends, cozy sweaters + chilly weather and preparation for the holiday seasons to come. In today’s post we have for you some of our fall favorites from fashion to beauty, plus an amazing home fragrance DIY, you must try!

It’s no surprise that this print is making it’s way back into Fall, as it always does. We love having a flannel all year round but especially during the September-December months. This piece is really the perfect addition to your wardrobe, whether you’re tying it around your waist or wearing it as a button up… YOU NEED!


As the days + nights get chilly and we progress into the colder days ahead, a scarf is definitely something that won’t go to waste. This piece is so versatile because not only can you wear it to be keep warm, it’s a great piece to be fashionable in. There are so many options out there but these are definitely our faves.

Picking your mani and pedi color is really no joke, it’s honestly so important to get the right combos to match the season, your style, as well as trends. Dior - Palais Royal Nars - Endless Night Essie - After School Boy Blazer OPI - The Cable Car Pool Lane 

This beauty must is for sure more daring than usual, but we recommend trying it at least once. Black liner is of course a classic but this season we are seeing so many red and burgundy tones especially for eye makeup. Try switching up your everyday liner for a shade like this. 

One of our favorite things about Fall are the scents that come out this time of year… Pumpkin, Crisp Autumn Air, Bergamot, Heirloom Mahogany, + Soft Musk are just a few of our favorite notes. We have an amazing DIY for a home fragrance, simmer pot that is super easy and will make your entire home smell like the Autumn.

What you’ll need:

-2 Navel Oranges, Peeled

-1/2 cup Dried Orange Peel

-1 Apple, Sliced

-1 tsp Cloves

-3 Cinnamon Sticks

-1 tsp Cardamom Pods

-1 tsp Fresh Ginger

-3 Star Anise

-Medium Sauce Pan

-5 Cups Water


*You can use almost anything you like or whatever you have available to you will work.

Mix everything together with large pot of water and simmer on low for however long you want. Add additional water as needed. You can also use a crockpot instead of simmering on the stove.


This scent will stay within the home for days + hours, you can also reuse your mixture for a few days and cover when not simmering. Not only is the smell amazing, it looks beautiful too. So easy!!


DIY by Jessica Merchant from How Sweet It Is 

Photo Credit: Jessica Merchant

We hope you loved our fall blogpost! Let us know if you will be picking up any of our must-have goodies this season or trying the amazing DIY. Comment down below and let us know what your favorite things of Fall are!

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    - Carolina , 09/23/16
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NYFW Recap

September 20, 2016

We had major NYFW fomo this year…. We say this everytime but I think this has got to be one of the best fashion week’s we have seen thus far. The new trends for the upcoming seasons are absolutely breathtaking and as edgy as ever before. We spotted a few of our favorite celebs and of course our number one family the Kardashian/Jenners, killing it as per usual.

We picked our Top 5 runway shows, we believe are must see’s if you haven’t already.


The show took place outdoors at Roosevelt Island as Kanye West debut he Season 4 collection for his first runway show. We were so excited to watch, as his collection is always so unique and astonishing. Of course, we were definitely not disappointed.

 Photo Source: Harpers Bazaar


It was no surprise that HBA challenged the norm for its Spring 2017 show. We saw double pointed shoes going in both directions, a new take on the graphic/band tee, and a lot of rearranged motifs. Calling this collection daring and edgy would be an understatement.  

Photo Source: Women's Wear Daily


This show shut down the city... but seriously… Ralph Lauren had a portion of Madison Ave closed off for his show as he repurposed his storefront for his runway. We saw a bunch of western inspired silhouettes and detailing, we even spotted our favorite Kendall Jenner walking this show.

 Photo Source: Women's Wear Daily


After unique show, Philip Lim took his collection to a warehouse with dull lighting, and a dirt covered floor with flowers. We saw tons of floral patterns and a Victorian essence to the entire collection, ruffles and all. Of course we saw his strong suit in outerwear, including his infamous leather jackets. Overall, a very feminine inspired collection for Philip Lim 2017.


Photo Source: Women's Wear Daily


Out of this world… literally. Marc channeled a stellar, rave inspiration for his 2017 collection. Pattern play is huge in the coming seasons and Marc Jacobs really took that into account, we saw so many retro, alien like patterns come to surface throughout the entirety. If one thing is for sure, every aspect of Marc’s shows do not go unnoticed, from the hair, makeup, and fine design details throughout. His shows are the total package.


 Photo Source: News Ok

That wraps up our top 5 from New York Fashion Week, we are already starting to get Spring Fever before Fall even hits in its entirety. The fashion world is truly evolving into a new world of amazing things and we are so excited!

Comment below and let us know what show was your favorite from NYFW 2016!

1 comment

  • Love the new look , the light jackets, I need a Levi jacket, lol, : )

    - Melody, 09/20/16
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Hidden Gems of Los Angeles

September 15, 2016

Traveling to Los Angeles? Or live here and looking to explore places + spaces you’ve never been before? We’ve got the in on all the “secret” places LA has to offer, if you’re new around here you probably didn’t even know they existed!

Ostrich Farm – Echo Park

One of the best brunch spots you’ll find, this place does not get the justice it deserves. A super intimate find with only about 50 seats including a cute little bar + with the trendiest interior. Owned and operated by husband and wife Jaime Turrey and Brooke Fruchtman, here you’ll find almost everything locally sourced and super fresh tasting. We recommend the avocado toast + seasonal fruit selection for a light brunch option.



Guerrilla Tacos – Food Truck

Our next pick is a food truck, so if you’re interested in this one be sure to check their Twitter or Instagram to make sure you catch them at the right spot. This place is most definitely not your ordinary taco truck; their goal is to make gourmet food available on the street. They have different menus daily because all their ingredients come from local vendors... yum! As more of a fusion type taco spot they have everything from sweet potato tacos to swordfish and so much more!



Round Two – Melrose Ave

With streetwear being the latest hype it only makes sense we fill you in on some of the best streetwear, vintage shops. Shop Round Two on Melrose Ave and you’ll find all those amazing pieces from designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Nike, Adidas, and so much more. The selection is very unique and one of kind – you probably won’t be able to find these items anywhere else. If you’re not able to make it to the store itself, not to worry they offer online shopping too.



Escondido Falls – Malibu

Located in Malibu, when the water is flowing this is one of the finest waterfalls in Los Angeles you will probably ever see. Situated in the Santa Monica Mountains, this trail is actually not very well known unless you’re a local. It’s about a 3.8 mile hike and is slightly challenging so don’t let that discourage you in getting to the falls itself. Dogs and bikes are also welcome, and best part it’s free! No permit or fee is required.


Echo Park Pedal Boats – Los Angeles

If you’re looking for something outdoorsy to do rather than go for a hike or hit the beach you must check out Echo Park for pedaling boating. This is super fun and actually really great exercise! The lake has been recently restored so it’s super clean and is filled with beautiful Lotus beds. It’s super inexpensive and refreshing, at only $5 for children & $10 for adults.



Point Dume Beach – Malibu 

Like anyone who is in California, you’ll probably want to hit the beach at some point or another. If you’re a local you generally avoid the beach at all costs due to overcrowding and tons of tourist. At Point Dume Beach in Malibu, this is the perfect spot for a quiet little getaway not many people know about. The beach entrance is a little tricky to get to and you’ll most likely have to park in the neighborhood near by and walk. To get to the beach you have to descend a bunch of really steep stairs, so plan ahead for this. This is one of the best-secluded spots around.


That wraps up our hidden gems of Los Angeles and we hope you check these out if you are in the area. Comment down below and let us know if you’ve been to any of these places or plan to visit them soon!




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How to Style 101

September 13, 2016


This trend has become a closet essential and we honestly don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. If you haven’t added this to your wardrobe yet, we highly recommend you do so starting now.

Styling a duster can be really easy, but also rather difficult. It’s a simple piece that can be thrown over a plethora of different looks but can also take away from the other garments you pair it with by over doing the entire look. Don't worry Doll, we're here to help!

An easy go-to look is a pair of denim, a tee/tank, a pair of sneakers, and a dainty choker if you want to dress it up a bit.


 1. Naked Wardrobe Duster / 2. Trunk Ltd Blank Holey Tee / 3. Jaquie Aiche Curb Chain Choker / 4. One Teaspoon Fox Freebirds

This is going to give you that sporty essence that is HUGE right now. 

Not so sporty? It’s okay. You can still wear a duster, let’s dress it up. Pairing a duster over a simple dress can make your outfit really chic. Pair it with some heels and a low-slicked pony (like Kim K) and you’re ready to go.


1. NFD Maxi Duster / 2. Donna Mizani Lace Up Dress 

 Our final look is slightly more casual, however, we recommend adding heels to this look to keep it glam and sleek. This is perfect for work, meetings, or going out with friends.



 1. NFD Satin Duster / 2. Naked Wardrobe Sheer De La Crop / 3. Kendall + Kylie Pierced Skinnies

With a little help you can totally nail this look and you definitely want to this Fall and Winter. 

Be sure to take some style inspo from our favorite sisters, Kourtney, Kim, & Khloe. We are obsessing over how they styled their looks above.

Comment below and let us know your favorite looks and which duster you’ll be getting! View all our dusters here on



  • I love all the outfits you guys are the best . Thanks so much I love the DASH STORE!!! Ive been there and its amazing . Im a huge fan of the Kardashians. Love you

    - Angel Wortham, 09/19/16
  • Perfect looks I loved
    - Flávia, 09/14/16
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Our Beauty Essentials

September 8, 2016

There’s nothing better than feeling refreshed for a new season or month. Sometimes finding those Holy Grail beauty products can be quite difficult, but not to worry we are here to help. Whether you are looking for something to clear your problem skin or need a go to makeup palette we have got you covered. We have said it before and we will say it again, look good, and feel good. Xo

Taking care of your skin is so important as well as identifying your skin type. To purchase the correct products you need to know if you have oily, combination, or dry skin, this will make all the difference for your daily skin regimen. Sometimes if you are using the wrong type of products this can be the cause of your breakouts, to prevent this make sure you see a skincare specialist to help your identify this crucial factor.


$80 - One of our favorites, this product is key if you have acne prone skin. However, this will make you breakout for about 2 weeks, but trust us afterwards your skin will be glowing more than ever before. This formula helps clear congested pores and treats acne as well as clears the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is basically an all in one situation that you won’t be able to resist.


$24 - If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option to clear and dry up any blemish or acnes spots we recommend trying the Kate Somerville acne products. Not only does it take care of current acne it will also help prevent any future breakouts. It contains a high amount of sulfur, which is what is able to heal the acne so quickly and effectively. This product is also amazing for those pimples you can feel coming on but can’t quite see them yet… just dab a bit on the spot and it will immediately prevent it from surfacing.


Next to skin, hair care is just as important. This Fall we are still loving that beachy, wave vibe that makes for an effortless chic look. Executing these waves can almost seem near to impossible if you aren’t using the right product, but we haven’t failed you thus far… we have the inside scoop.


$28 - Think you have tried every single product out there and none of them have worked right? This product will literally change your life and put you at ease and it works on most hair types. It’s super easy to use and you can apply it to damp or dry hair. Once you have misted your hair root to ends you will start to notice the wave activation to give you the most perfect waves. Way too easy? We are obsessed.


We really like the natural glow makeup for this season, we want to look clean and glowy but we also aren’t super into the whole heavy eyeliner, dark eye look. Move your focus to your face and highlighting and contour your bone structure as this will be enough to wear you won’t need to over do the eyes.


$40 - Okay, right off the bat this is almost a no brained buy, I mean $40 for 4 highlighters from Anastasia... That is basically $10 a highlight and you can’t go wrong with a high-end brand for this price point. You will fall in love with this palette; its assortment is so versatile for both night and day. This is also the perfect palette to get if you are new with highlighters, it gives you a ton of options and it is totally cost efficient.


$29.50 - While we love keeping that natural glow alive, a sweep of mascara is always necessary as while to keep your lashed hydrated. If you have never tried this mascara before, we highly recommend doing so. Our team here at DASH raves about this product, as it is one of the only mascaras that doesn't dry up super fast. We know it’s a little on the pricey point for a tube of mascara but this will have your lashes looking flawless.


If you can’t tell these products are for sure on our top list this season, as they should be for you. Comment down below if you have tried any of these products or you plan on doing so.

1 comment

  • Do you ever have sales? I would love to surprise my daughter with something from your store. I could never ever afford anything unless it is seriously marked. Love all you girls
    - Tami Crum, 09/09/16
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Fall Trend Report

September 6, 2016

The long awaited moment has finally arrived, a favorite for many, the transition from Summer to Fall. New York Fashion Week kicks off this week just in time to see many new fall trends worn by some of our favorites in attendance while showing new designer collections for the upcoming seasons.

We’ve pin pointed in on a few of our favorites we expect to see this season and we can’t wait.


(Photo Credit:, Vogue, E! Online)

As the street wear trend is on the rise we can expect to continue to see hoodies as well as sweatshirts in general be crucial fashion pieces this Fall. We will be seeing a plethora of different silhouettes including dress hoodies, cropped hoodies, and our favorite graphic hoodies. We also are excited to see hoodies of different fabrication on the rise, including leather, denim, and much more.


(Photo Credit: Got Celeb, Who What Wear, Hollywood Life)

We have seen velvet trending in many past Fall/Winter seasons and we have already gotten our preview this past Summer with the introduction of the velvet chokers to the mass market. We can expect to see full velvet pieces including dresses and jumpsuits, as well as jackets. Designers have honed in on the elegance of velvet and how to execute this fabrication in a silhouette timelessly.


(Photo Credit: E! Online, Getty Images, Us Magazine)

While we will be sporting faux fur this season you can expect furs to be more in than ever, and we aren't talking just any basic furs. Between pattern play and different colorations we have rarely seen on the runway until now, be prepared for all eyes to be on you. Textures are very important this Fall and mixing and matching furs and different fabrics will be the key to your look.


(Photo Credit: &

This year we lost an inspiration, music legend, and icon to many, however, we won’t let David Bowie be forgotten as we are taking his infamous Ziggy Stardust boots and making them a top tier trend. We are talking the uber chunky sole boot that has also been seen on the Spice Girls and now on the runway. However, if you’re not into the large soled boots, no worries, over the knee, mini booties, and suede are still blessing us this season.


(Photo credit: Starbucks, Saint Pablo Tour, Apple, Warner Brothers)

In addition to fashion trends there is much more coming this September + Fall. The return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte has just recently happened to most coffee shops around the country. Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour has kicked off and is absolutely phenomenal. You can look forward to new movies to hit the box office this month including the long awaited film Sully, based off a true story. As well as the new Apple iPhone 7 that is expected to launch very soon. 

All the news trends to look forward this month make us utterly excited for all Fall things to come. Comment down below and let us know what looks and new, new you’ll be into this month.

Hello September!





*No copyright intended. All photos credited to outside sources. 




1 comment

  • Dear you, I am only waiting for a miracle to come……
    - Yolande, 09/07/16
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T R E N D I N G: Faux Fur Bag Charms

September 1, 2016

Since 2015, styling your bag with a fury keychain or charm of some kind has been the it trend. We’ve seen so many celebrities and fashion icons adding extravagant rings to their handbags, keys, or backpacks. 

Photo Source: Kendall + Kylie Fall Lookbook 2016

Our favorite sister duo – Kendall & Kylie have been known for carrying a faux fur keychain of many kinds. We have seen everything from the traditional Fendi monster to the Karl Lagerfeld inspired charm and the simple faux poof in the past year and we love each and every one.

Photo Source: Splash News &

You can basically now buy these in every shape, size, and color. Whether you are looking to spend less or splurge on these items, the fashion world has made this trend readily available to the mass market.



Kendall & Kylie’s newest collection has even featured some fur charms inspired by Kylie’s furry friends at home Norman and Bambi. We made sure to cop all three of these in our stores and are hoping for more to come with the next collections. Kylie recently made an announcement via Snapchat and showed the new Spring 2017 collection, we can’t wait to see!

Photo Source: Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Our DASH corporate team has been in on this trend and we are currently coveting all things faux fur. Which faux keyring will you be choosing for the upcoming fall season? Comment down below and let us know.


1 comment

  • Hoping you will make a set to purchase also!

    - De Anna, 09/18/16
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DASH x Pin & Tucker Event

August 30, 2016

We recently hosted an event at our New York DASH location with Pin and Tucker. Pin and Tucker is an up and coming mobile app that allows you to connect with other like-minded fashionistas. On the app itself you can get instant feedback on what you should buy or wear for a certain occasion, people will see your pic and vote yay or nay to help you pick!

At our joint event we invited some of our favorite local NYC bloggers including Kylee Campbell, Emily Bache & Abigail Breslin,Shira Rose, Katya Bychkova, and Bo just to name a few. We introduced them all to the amazing app and shared laughs, style advice, and light bites.

In addition, we gathered everyone to listen in on the panel of DASH x Pin and Tucker to demo the app and share the successes we both have encountered and how making the shopping experience more interactive for our customers is very important to us.

Founders of Pin and Tucker: Tracie Wagman and Anthula Nunes

How cute are these gift bags for our amazing guests? Thanks Pin & Tucker xo

Our amazing NYC Dash Dolls, thank you for all your help!

We want to thank everyone who came and joined us for this event; we had so much fun! Make sure to download the Pin and Tucker app to start getting feedback on your pictures. Comment and let us know if you are using the Pin and Tucker app!




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Denim Decoded | Guide to finding THE perfect pair of jeans.

August 25, 2016

 As we all know by now, finding a pair of jeans to fit your body type exactly how you want is actually really challenging. Unless you have that go to brand or particular style, trying to go for new washes, fits, and silhouettes can be trial and error before you fall in love.

But no worries, we feel the struggle and we are here to help the pain! Thanks to our DASH Corporate team, we’ve correlated a denim edit to find the perfect fit denim for your body type and/or style you want to try this season.

Let’s find your match made in heaven, xo


Flares have definitely made their comeback within the last few years, however, almost everyone is still saying they aren’t their style or the fit just isn’t right. Flare denim can be tricky to find the pair for your body type.

Our fave: Mia Flare by Hudson

5”4 and under: We recommend finding a more subtle flare that isn’t going to make you look like you’re drowning or shorter. Get them a little longer than you normally would so that you can wear heels and this will make you look taller and slimmer. If you are curvier, make note that flares may not be for you, and may give a triangle effect to your overall shape due to height and curves.

5”5 and up: If you are taller and column like, flares are definitely your friend and will synchronize your natural proportions. Flares look great on you because your legs are able to bare the volume of a wide leg bottom. You can rock bell-bottoms, super wide leg flares, or basically whatever flares you want.


Relaxed Skinny the style that falls right in between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. Many styles have been taking over the classic skinny jean and we have seen less and less down to the ankle skinnies. Fashion has focused its eyes on a relaxed fit that remains loose and tappers slightly at the ankle.

Our fave: Lux White Freebird II Skinnies by One Teaspoon 

5”4 and under: If you are very petite, relaxed skinnies are for you. You know that boyfriend and mom jeans don’t work out very well for you, as you generally look swallowed or childish in these. But with the tapering at the ankle for these, they allow you to get that vintage baggy look but still compliment your body and height.

5”5 and up: If you are taller and curvier, a relaxed skinny is probably your go to baggy jean as it fits like a skinny still so you have the room in the hips and butt that you don’t find in mom or boyfriend jeans. For slimmer silhouettes, we recommend staying away from this style as the baggy + slimness of this denim makes your proportion look very uneven.


Distressed Denim Heavy distressed denim is very on trend lately and we have seen more and more designers experiment with this style. We recommend for everyone to at least own one pair of distressed denim.

Our faves: Go See Skinnies by Blank NYC

5”4 and under: When finding a pair of distressed denim the main thing to take into consideration is the placement of the distressing. If you are short, we recommend staying away from denim that has heavy distressing on the knees if you aren’t able to find petite. You’ll notice that the distressing falls below the knee where it should not. This gives the legs an elongated effect in all the wrong places. Stay with distressing at the hips and thighs, as well as raw cut hem detail.

5”5 and up: Distressed denim works well if you are taller because the placement of the distressing generally hits at all the proper areas. However, if you are slimmer we recommend staying away from heavy distressing above the knee and stick to the full open knee or distressing below, as this will avoid any chance of the overall fit being lost.


High-Waist A favorite versatile style for almost all body types, we can agree that high waist denim is here to stay. High waist denim shows off the true shape of your body and embraces your femininity while being super trendy at the same time.

Our fave: Sophie High Rise Skinnies by A Gold E

5”4 and under: High waist denim gives off the illusion of being taller and having longer legs, the super benefit of this style. If you are curvier, go for a high-waisted denim with a thicker waistband and less pocket details, this way everything will lay nice and flat and contour your waistline to look smaller.

5”5 and up: Take into account the inseam when purchasing high-waisted denim, we recommend shopping between 30-35 for the inseam, this will allow the pant to fit exactly where it should both at the waist and ankle. If you are slim, high-waisted anything usually slims you out, look for jeans that have back pockets that sit higher than usual to give you an instant butt lift.


Skinny Jeans A trend that will probably never end, although skinny jeans may be taking a back burner to all the new styles and silhouettes they are still here to stay.

Our fave: Nico Midrise Super Skinny by Hudson

5”4 and under: The key to skinny jeans if you are short is to make sure that you are getting the appropriate length, nothing is worse than skinny jeans that bunch at the bottom and make you look shorter. If you can’t find the proper length, we recommend getting your denim tailored to fit you or cuffing them at the bottom to avoid this.

5”5 and up: If you are tall, take into consideration that skinny jeans are going to slim you out like the high waisted bottoms and fit very snuggly to your figure. That being said, try a bunch of different styles and sizes to avoid any sagging in areas where the pants should fit tightly. Also, wearing heels of some kind with skinny jeans if your taller will actually add the illusion of curves to your shape.


Girlfriend Jeans it is no longer all about the boyfriend jean, we are all about the girlfriend. Basically more form fitting than the boyfriend jean but flatter you unlike a mom jean, girlfriend jeans will hug you and your curves in all the right places.

Our fave: Fox Black Freebird Skinny by One Teaspoon 

5”4 and under: Basically your best bet if you are short and slightly curvy, girlfriend jeans have a higher rise in the back and the front allowing the pocket placement to really flatter and slim you out and you can get them over your hips. With the straight leg cut these are also great for short girls because you will most likely be able to find the proper fit and length all in one without alterations.

5”5 and up: Also very flattering for taller silhouettes, due to the straight leg design these jeans aren’t going to slim you out too much in the legs. You will still hold your perfect proportions throughout this style but be more comfortable than in a low-rise boyfriend jean. However, you may need to get these altered as generally the hips and butt are made larger in these styles.


We know finding new denim or trying new styles is no walk in the park, we hope we were able to answer some of your questions and give you some feedback from our DASH Corporate Dolls on what denim might work for you. Comment below and let us know what style of denim you will be sporting for the upcoming fall season!



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New York City Guide

August 23, 2016

Lately, we have been in that New York State of Mind. You want the in on all NYC hot spots? We've got you. 

photo credit: @chachamatcha 

Cha Cha Matcha | Founded by NYU graduates Matthew Morton and Conrad Sandelman who were inspired by the culture in Japan to open their own matcha shop, Cha Cha Matcha located at 373 Broome St, New York, NY 10013. Not only do they have almost every matcha beverage you can think of, they also have matcha SOFT SERVE. Amazing right? This is definitely a must when visiting the city with the cute pink + green color scheme and the amazing interior you won’t be disappointed.

Our Cha Cha Matcha Pick: Matcha Latte with Almond Milk and a Matcha Dough-ssant

photo credit:

photo credit: @bychefchloe. 

By Chloe. |  You bet your bottom dollar we have just found your new favorite Vegan restaurant, even if you're not Vegan we promise you'll be obsessed with this place. Not only is the aesthetic here phenomenal, the food is 10/10 as well. This spot is 100% vegan + plant-based, free of meat, dairy and egg products and contains no saturated animal fats, cholesterol, artificial flavors, and/or preservatives. You can expect to find salads, sandwiches, french fries, burgers + much much more. 

Our By Chloe. Pick: Quinoa Taco Salad with a side of Sweet Potato Fries 

photo credit:

photo credit: @vandalnewyork

Vandal | The latest restaurant lounge by the TAO Group and Chef Chris Santos. Vandal brings together many aspects of art, architecture, and street food. You'll find many different dishes and small plates here with inspiration from Spain, Vietnam, and more. All under one roof you can expect to find a bar/lounge, restaurant, garden dining, private dining, and cellar lounge. This has definitely become the hype lately and is on our top 5 for nightlife in New York. 

Our Vandal Picks: Eats New York Pretzel Steak Tartare & Grilled Avocado Drinks Double Dutch 

photo credit: deidre schoo the new york times

photo credit: @beautyandessex

Beauty & Essex | Located on the Lower East Side, this glamorous find is a pawn shop, lounge, and restaurant. With the entrance, a pawn shop, with a bunch of guitars and memorabilia leading to a hidden door into a nightlife emporium.  Beauty & Essex is two levels with one the lounge portion and one the restaurant... side note.. they offer free champagne in the ladies restroom. YES! It's relatively easy to get in but if you don't want to wait outside we recommend making a reservation. 

Our Beauty & Essex Picks: Rosemary Tangerine Cooler and Essex Sour Blush.

photo credit: @kith

Kith | The ultimate streetwear lifestyle brand and retail establishment that will most likely change your life if you are a sneakerhead. Kith carries there very own collection along side many other designers such as Phillip Lim, Adidas, Yeezy, Puma, Rag & Bone and much more. They currently have 3 locations, one being a full womens store along side a new addition called Kith Treats offering a milk and cereal bar. We know, we could hardly believe this exists as well. 

Our Kith Picks: Sneakers Adidas Originals NMD R1 Reflective Triple White + Treats Cereal Box Reese's Puffs & Coco Crispies with Almond Milk.

photo credit:

photo credit: @thevintagetwin

The Vintage Twin | In 2009, twin sisters Morgan and Samantha Elias started repurposing and reworking old vintage pieces, once they realized the demand for these kind of products they founded there company. They have a pop up shop located in New York city that offers a Jeanius bar to create custom denim from vintage pieces. This is a one of a kind place with pieces you can't find anywhere else. We are absolutely obsessed! 

Our The Vintage Twin Picks: Throwback Graphic Tees & Distressed Denim 

If you're in the city and looking for some one of a kind places we highly recommend stopping by any of these above. We promise you, you will have the time of your lives. Comment down below and let us know what NYC places you're loving that we should check out in addition to these!

Don't forget to visit our DASH NYC store located in Soho at 119 S Spring St! Can't wait to see you dolls.




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  • Votre collection est sympathique ,j’adore le style .
    Bisou depuis la Tour Eiffel à Paris

    - ciric, 08/28/16
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Weekly Download

August 18, 2016

We’ve compiled a list of what has been the talk lately in the DASH Corporate office, everything from sports to beauty and in-between to keep you in the loop and on trend. Consider us your mini, exclusive newsroom.

Sports | Fan girl moment… We have been watching the Olympics and obsessing over the USA Gymnastic team. I mean who hasn’t? Simone Biles at only 19 years old has won 5 gold medals. Zac Efron – a major celeb crush for Simone – decided to surprise her at the Rio de Janerio games. Read the rest of the story here

Photo Credit: E! Online

Music | New artist lookout: Stanaj. Monday he dropped his first EP called “The Preview” where listeners will finally get a glimpse into his full sound. We first heard about him when he popped up in a few pictures with Drake back in 2015. His tracks are pretty impressive. Listen here

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine

Fashion | Dear Frances shoes; we’ve spotted some of our favorite girls like Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Emma Roberts wearing these boots. With many other competitors in this market, Jane Frances – Founder/Designer, caught Hollywood’s attention with elegant easy-to-wear styles. Shop Dear Frances:

Photo Credit: Forbes

Beauty | Urban Decay has just announced their new nude palette with 12 incredible shades, all matte, all naked. Although it won’t be in stores until September 18, 2016 we can hardly wait. This palette is absolutely perfect for everyone whether you’re a total beauty guru or just looking for something simple. The palette with be $55 and can be purchased upon release here.

Photo Credit: Urban Decay

Television | If you haven’t already binged on the Netflix Original: Stranger Things, then what are you doing with your life? This mystery, 8 episode, drama will get you excited about TV again and see an amazing performance by Winona Ryder. It’s a little scary and spooky but we promise it’s worth it.

Photo Credit: Netflix x



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Back to School

August 16, 2016

We can hardly believe this time of the year is already here… Where did summer go? Whether you are going back to school, college, have a new job, or are looking to spruce up your office wear for the fall we have got you covered with back to school tips and tricks.

Kourtney and Kim on one of their first days of school. How cute!

Throwback back to school style with Kris and Khloé.

Stay Organized

The best thing about starting fresh with a new year is being able to keep yourself organized to make sure you are on top of things. We recommend getting yourself a planner or a journal of some kind to be able to document your day to day and to do lists.


Stay Motivated

It sometimes can get tough to get out of bed every morning or not procrastinate when it comes to getting work done. Our best advice is to make sure you are eating breakfast and drinking a glass of water right away when you wake up as this will help jumpstart your morning. 

Don’t Stress

We know it can get very stressful once the work piles on and you have so much to get done in so little time. Well stress is very normal; at DASH headquarters we have learned a few things to really help us get through stressful days.

  1. Turn on some tunes
  2. Use essential oils such as lavender or peppermint
  3. Get up and walk around
  4. Calestatics – quick motor exercises/full body stretch
  5. Breathing exercises

 Look Your Best

There are so many new trends taking over the fall season that we are so excited about. While being at school or sitting in a desk all day we know how important it is to look good but also be comfortable. We created a week of outfits to kill your first week back.



*Shoes not sold at DASH.

That wraps up our back to school guide with a few tips from the team at DASH to help you get excited and ready for the new school year. Let us know below which outfits you’ll be wearing this year and some tips you have to succeed.



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LA Places & Spaces || Cycle House

August 11, 2016

We stressed the importance of looking good and feeling good in our previous lifestyle post and now we want to share one of our favorite places more in depth. Here at DASH we have been in love with Cycle House for a while and a majority of our Los Angeles dolls are regulars here. In recent years we have made it a tradition to host an American Cancer Society event with CH so they have become very near and dear to all of us.

Cycle House has two locations with talks of more to come in the future. Currently one in West Hollywood at the corner of La Cienga and Melrose conveniently located near our DASH location. Additionally, they have another location right on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica.

In 2011, Cycle House opened its door to a location on Melrose before expanding into a larger space in West Hollywood and then Santa Monica. Parents-to-be Lara and Adam Gillman who had the vision to create a fitness experience unlike any other founded Cycle House on the mantra of Strength in the Struggle.

With some of the best instructors in the cycling world, you can expect to see blood, sweat, and tears in any class you take. You will feel empowered, motivated, and you will for sure want to come back for more. Each instructor will have you pushing yourself to the limit and working harder than you ever thought was possible.

Photo Source: Patrick McCarthy/E!

Never spun before? No problem, CH loves newcomers and will help you with the basics before beginning your first ride and making sure you are comfortable. Complimentary spin shoes are offered at both locations, they recommend wearing leggings and don’t forget to bring socks.

Stay hydrated, as spin is very tiring, they offer filtered water systems so make sure to bring your own water bottle. Arrive 15 minutes early a member from the team will check you in and get you ready for your ride! We promise you’ll be happy you went!

Another amazing thing about Cycle House is they are all about contributing to a great cause every one ride that is taken at the house means 2 meals donated to communities around the country. Additionally, CH is known to partake in many charity rides including our very own yearly event DASH x Cycle House ride. 

So get ready, get set, and sign up for spin! Whether you live in the Los Angeles area or are planning a visit we highly recommend taking a ride at the house after visiting DASH on Melrose.



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Shop the Selfies

August 9, 2016

It’s not news that our favorite family will forever be the reigning Selfie Queens, let’s be real… Have you ever seen a selfie of Kim, Kourt, Khloe, Kylie, or Kendall that you didn’t love? Nope, we didn’t think so.

Although, our selfie game will never be as strong as our faves, we definitely want to grab a few tips from the best. First and for most, what you’re wearing is key. We’ve complied a few of our favorite selfies so that you too can “Shop the Selfie” to find the exact pieces or similar items as the sister squad from


As author of her very own selfie book “Selfish”, it’s a no brainer that Kim K West takes the best selfies. Talk about hot mama… we are obsessing over Kim’s bod and her closet.


Hot mama alert part two, Kourtney Kardashian has been flaunting some phenomenal looks lately from at the beach to the gym and nights out, and we can’t get enough.


We envy Khloe as the ruler of the hottest revenge body yet. Not to mention, her simplistic chic style makes us envy her even more. Can we be you Khlo?


As a model, being in front of the camera for Ken is nothing new and that can be seen through her amazing selfies. How can you not love her natural, elegant look?


Taking after her big sisters Kylie has definitely stepped up to the plate with her selfie game and we admire Ky stepping out of the box and trying new things when it comes to fashion.


Don’t forget to click your favorite photos to shop the look at and let us know which ones you’ll be recreating in the comment section down below.




*No copyright intended for the use of imagery. All rights reserved.



  • Wow you gals are truly my inspiration!! I love all the looks and can’t wait to shop!! You really need to open a store here in Phoenix.. I have been in retail management for years and I think Dash would be a huge hit here. All of you have been through so much and you’re real survivors! I’m going through some really hard times right now and I look to all three of you for strength and well, a way to handle things. Thank you all for being so strong and showing other women how to plow through and look great while doing it!
    - Angie Meyers, 08/09/16
  • All of them love ya
    - Destiny, 08/09/16
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Office Style

August 4, 2016

Currently we are coveting some comfy causal, but killer looks to spend the workday in. Neutrals and chokers are all we want to talk about here at DASH headquarters. We have been obsessing over simplistic chic looks with a pop of statement here and there as well.

Trend Focuses

Let’s hone in on a few stellar trends our team has been sporting nonstop in office.

Pinstripes \\ Grabbing inspiration from typical business professional wear, we have been seeing pinstripes hitting the contemporary market much more frequently as pattern play has become a must this season.

Chokers \\ If you haven’t noticed chokers are basically everywhere lately, flash back from the 90s. This jewelry piece is so effortless yet can change the entire essence of your look instantly. Our favorite is the classic black velvet choker as this piece becomes so interchangeable day to day. 

Culottes \\ So we’ve tried the culotte trend in the past and haven’t entirely loved it until recently when we noticed designers have really found a way to execute it seamlessly. We are obsessing over high waisted, structured culottes that allow you to dress up or down for whatever occasion you are attending. 

Neutrals \\ The most important part of our wardrobe lately has been neutrals; we are loving earth tones and monochromatic schemes. It’s a simple yet tasteful way to put yourself together and still be fashion forward plus we’ve seen designers and trend forecasters fixating on this.

Silver \\ Out with the gold and in with the… Silver. We’ve seen silver make its comeback recently and we aren’t mad about it. As much as we love gold or rose gold jewelry, pairing silver with neutrals and simple patterns makes for a flawless aesthetic. However, we still adore mixing metals and adding a pop of gold here or there.

Perfectly Pinned

Get The Look

New Proportions

Get The Look

Khaki Desire

Get The Look

Which look are you loving? Let us know in the comments!




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  • I love this store and the Kardashian’s so much and I cannot tell you how many things I buy from this store. My husband gets very upset with me whenever I am on this site, because I spend at least 500 dollars. I hope that this store never closes!!
    - Algie, 08/05/16
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The Athleisure Lifestyle

August 2, 2016

As hard as it is to believe… it’s finally August and the end of 2016 is upon us. Don’t freak out! There is still time for that workout/athleisure revamp you’ve been searching for to give you that extra motivational boost. We totally understand that looking good while working out is mega key. If you don’t have a killer workout outfit then your gym sesh may be lacking. We are so keen on the saying “look good, feel good”. This year athletic apparel has become accepted into the everyday wear, meaning you can wear trainers or yoga leggings basically anywhere and still look super trendy. Whether you’re doing your weekly grocery shop, hitting the farmers market, or going to take a spin class we are here to help you pick the best versatile fit from top to bottom.

Headwear Accessories:

Time to luxe your outfit up with baseball caps & Dad caps, taking place over the previous beanies and snapback trend. The best part is, is that you will never have to experience a bad hair day again. Becoming a staple piece in the athleisure lifestyle, we can promise you this will change your life.

Bras Tops:

Sport bras double as a cropped top and it has become more acceptable to wear sport style crops with high-waisted bottoms as well. Another staple in and out of the gym, they definitely don’t skimp on style but they are also super supportive and comfortable for working out too.

Crops & Leggings:

You can literally wear leggings all day long now. We like to keep it neutral when it comes to bottoms, to make a chic statement but not draw too much attention. These pair flawlessly with the above bra tops, don’t be afraid to mix and match.


Key piece; not only do you want a trainer you can run in, but wear everyday on the regular too. We’ve seen Adidas, Nike & APL lock this style down and completely revolution the trainer into the fashion world. This lets you keep it simple and sporty but also channel that inner chic, effortless atheistic 24/7.

Athleisure Inspo

We’ve complied a few of our favorites who have defined this trend to inspire you to become a part of the Athleisure movement.

*Images: No copyright intended. Source: Getty Images / Instagram

Workout Revamp – Trending Training

 If you’re participating in the athleisure trend, you will probably be working out at some point during the day. Currently obsessing over pilates, spin, and barre just to name a few. We are super into class-based workouts for those days you aren’t feeling like hitting the gym.

Spin || If you’re looking to push yourself to the max for 45 minutes, pedaling to some killer music then spin is just what you need. You’ll get that full body workout and finally come to terms of what a sore butt really means. If you are healthy and injury free adding spin to your workout routine a few times weekly it’s only going to advance your fitness.

Our pick: Cycle House Los Angeles

Barre || Looking for the best core workout ever? Have zero experience? You should definitely try Barre class. It’s a great workout from head to toe and is always fun, never boring. You;ll be able to loose weight and inches as many of these workouts target large muscle groups to raise your metabolic rate.

Our pick: Pure Barre

Pilates || This is the total ab workout, eliminating the muscle imbalances and toning your abs overall while improving your body and mind awareness. Known to create strong muscles and a leaner look, if you have never tried pilates we highly recommend taking a class that utilize the reformer bed. You will definitely be sore for days later, but the results are totally worth it.

Our pick: Pilates Platinum

We are all in for this athleisure trend that has circled the globe this year, who doesn’t want to wear yoga pants all day? Comment below and let us know some of your favorite athleisure gear and what new workouts you’ll be trying this month.

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  • Hi you should open a dash store in New Zealand

    Love love lanz

    - Lana kiri, 08/03/16
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Summer Hair Inspo

July 28, 2016

Our go to guide for quick summer hairstyles that will have your mane feeling effortless. We are obsessed with these hair trends that are super easy and fast! Whether you’re out the door for work or the beach this summer we’ve complied a few versatile looks that we think will kill either occasion.

Sleek Ponytail

A Kim Kardashian West classic-chic look, we love this style every single time. It is so perfect for the workday or even dressing up for a night occasion. This style is also super easy and quick but makes you look so put together in a matter of moments.

Go to Products:

  1. Start with clean hair.
  2. Use nylon and boar bristle brush or a wet brush to smooth strands.You want to make sure you are able to gather your hair right below the crown of your head. Brushes such as these help eliminate static.
  3. Smooth the sides with product.We recommend using the smooth styler blow cream when drying to smooth your hair from there, however, you’ll want to use a serum or cream if you have a lot of additional fly aways to keep your hair in place all day/night.
  4. Spitz with hairspray. We love the K Beauty Pure Glitz Hairspray; it gives a little shine to your overall look while still holding the do in place. We recommend using just a little bit as we want the look to still look sleek and not sticky or crunchy.
  5. Secure your ponytail using a hair elastic. Once it is secure wrap a strand over hair from the ponytail around the elastic to hide the band from showing to keep the look chic.

Wavy Lob

There’s nothing better than loose beachy waves for the summertime and none other than the Khloe Kardashian does this look better. Aside from lobs being super trendy this season Khloe gets the perfect volume and wave to complete this look flawlessly day after day. If you don’t have a lob there are plenty of ways to make this work or how to make your hair appear shorter than it really is.

Go to Products:

  1. Tie up the top section of your hair.
    2. Prep hair with a heat protectant and cocktail together the Twirl Me Curl lotion and the K Beauty volumizer foam to create a voluminous beachy wave.
    3. Wrap hair around the 3 in 1 curler as advise in the directions to make the desired wave you would like.
  2. Let down the middle and top sections of your hair, and repeat.
    5. For the face-framing sections of hair, take smaller pieces, alternating the direction of the wave by twirling the hair around towards and away from you.
    6. Spritz your hair with a sea salt spray or texture spray.


Brazilian Blowout

We love to make it to the dry bar as much as we can to get a blow out but sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Surprisingly, we’ve found its super easy to do this to your own hair with the right products and tools. Kourtney always execute this simplistic chic hairstyle seamlessly for any occasion.

Go to Products:

  1. Wash your hair twice using the Black Seed Oil Shampoo and towel dry hair thereafter
  2. Divide your hair into 4 sections, 2 at the base and 2 at the bottom
  3. Apply the K Beauty Hair elixir through all sections as needed
  4. Using a round brush, blow dry your hair holding the hair dryer facing down the entire time. You want to keep the hairdryer about 2 inches away from your hair in order to maximum the steam needed to achieve the end look. *Tension is key, keep the hair very tight
  5. After dry, flat iron your hair throughout quickly
  6. Rinse your hair using warm water only, no shampoo or products
  7. Blow-dry your hair again as above and you have yourself the perfect at home Brazilian blowout.

We love all these hair trends and styles recently and we will definitely be trying all these. Which ones do you love? Who do you get your hair inspo from? Comment down below and let us know.

*Photo Credit: Getty Images // No copyright intended. 



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LA Places & Spaces || Alfred Tea Room

July 26, 2016

@alfredtea // As if we weren’t already obsessed with Alfred Coffee, we just got re-obsessed with the new Alfred Tea Room… For those of you who have yet to visit and are in the Los Angeles area, we highly advise adding the ever-so-chic tearoom to the top of your list.

Conveniently located just a few blocks from DASH Melrose it is literally to die for | 705 N Alfred St, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Whether you’re feeling like an iced boba, a hot tea, or even a kombucha ON TAP, this is the perfect place to get your tea fix. They have 28 different teas to choose from on their fancy pink tea list as well as daily specials located on their mirror menu, changing weekly.

Alfred Tea is open daily from 9AM-6PM and is card only friendly, no cash. Founder Josh Zad has made it pretty clear that they tried to squeeze as much pink into one space as possible and they definitely nailed it.

In addition to the high-end tea selection they also offer a variety of light bites and pastries from local cafes such as Café Gratitude and M Café. So grab yourself some tea & a seat in the tearoom courtyard and bask in the amazing ambiance Alfred has to offer.

This one of a kind space is easily at the top of our list, with nothing like it in all of Los Angeles. We can only hope to see more Alfred Tea pop up across the Los Angeles area.

Our favorites: Rose Boba, Iced Matcha Latte + Almond Milk, & Peach Blossom Iced Tea

Tea Time Attire


  • Please open a Dash store in Phoenix!!! Heck I’ve been in retail management for years and I’d love to work for ya’ll!!!! Love, Angie
    - Angie Meyers, 08/09/16
  • hello kardashian, I am the victory’m a fan of you, watch the program of you every time, I am Brazilian, I’d love to meet you guys or have contact with you love you guys Kim, Khloe, kourttney, kendall, kylie and mother voces the kris. Thank you very much for your attention.

    - vitoria cristina , 08/02/16
  • Dear Kardashians,

    I am a huge fan of yours! Down in Sarasota many people are saying you guys are opening a Dash store. Is that true ?

    - Aryelis Colon, 07/27/16
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DASH Takes Miami 2016!

July 21, 2016

This past weekend the team from DASH headquarters made our way to Miami for the 12th Annual Miami Swim Week. We sipped champagne, hit the beach, and enjoyed some of the best nightlife. Aside from having the times of our lives, we hosted an exclusive event in collaboration with Beach Riot at Soho Beach House showcasing the 2017 Beach Riot collection. 

We invited our top Miami fashion influencers to attend and had an amazing night filled with drinks, mingling, and the most amazing VIP gift bags. Our bag included special gifts from Beach Riot, Herschel, Babe Scrub, Rae & Co, Bikini Cleanse, and Be Glammed. In addition to these amazing VIP gift bags, Be Glammed offered free makeovers to all attendees throughout the duration of the event.

Now what’s Miami without a little Tequila and Vodka? We had specialty cocktails provided by Casamigos Tequila and Titos Vodka, including the Riot Rita and The DASH Splash, our exclusive event beverages to liven up the night.  

The night would have not been complete without Mike Sipe, who provided the entertainment portion for the event including the most amazing photobooth, lighting, and DJ (AXR The Alchemist) throughout.  

As our night came to a close we gathered our DASH Dolls and Beach Riot babes to celebrate the successes of the night. Our first major Miami Swim week event complete!  

Until next time Miami Swim Week! Cheers! Xoxo

*All images curiosity of Getty Images. No copyright intended.

A Special Thanks

Herschel | @HerchelSupply |

Babe Scrub | @babescrubofficial |

Rae & Co | @raebody |

Bikini Cleanse | @bikinicleanse |

Bando | @shopbando |

Beach Riot | @BeachRiot |

Titos Vodka | @titosvodka |

Casamigos Tequila | @casamigos |

Getty Images | @gettyimages |

Be Glammed | @beglammednow |

Mike Sipe | #TheMikeSipe & #AXRtheAlchemist | &

Soho House Miami 

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  • You have a lot of great clothes. I just wish you had a men’s section
    - Michael, 07/25/16
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Behind the Scenes | Photographer Q&A

July 19, 2016

Today we decided to take you behind the scenes of one of our eCommerce product shoots to give you the inside scoop of how it goes down at DASH headquarters. We interviewed our photographer – Anthony Pino to gather all the tips and tricks he uses for photo taking, editing, + more.

This week we shot a plethora of new arrivals (get excited!) new active wear, dresses, and denim make up a majority of what is soon to hit Our typical shoot day last the duration of day shooting many new products, model outfit shots, and flat lay photos for the DASH Instagram.

 Q&A - Anthony Pino || Manager, E-commerce Photography

Q: What does a typical DASH shoot day look like for you?

A: A typical shoot day at DASH consists of prep and execution. Our job during a shoot is to ensure each piece of clothing looks desirable and accurate.

Q: What are your favorite products to shoot?

A: Dresses and jeans are my favorite products to shoot. I feel like most people enjoy a nice pair of good fitting jeans and I can execute that seamlessly.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about shooting and/or editing?

A: Believe it or not but clothing pieces can be a bit stubborn. Having the patience during a shoot to ensure each piece of clothing looks correct is key. Sometimes we have to reshoot things or style the items differently on the model to make sure it is portrayed correctly, which takes time.

Q: How did you initially get into photography?

A: I fell in love with photography when I was handed a Polaroid camera as a teen. Ever since then I enjoy capturing moments of time.

Q: What is your “go to” Photoshop tool?

A: The beautiful thing about Photoshop is Command Z, but my go to tool in Photoshop is “Select and Mask”

Q: Whom is a photographer that you admire/look up too?

A: Cindy Sherman, her ability to use photography as a way of challenging society and pop culture is remarkable.

Q: Advice for someone who is interested in pursuing photography?

 A: A professor I had back in art school constantly lectured on the importance of capturing the image in front of the camera. Don’t tell yourself “I’ll fix it in post” CAPTURE IT IN CAMERA

Q: Do you have any photoshop or editing secrets to share?  

A: Use a tablet!


Anthony has been a valuable DASH employee since launching our website last April. Aside from product shoots and photo editing, Anthony has also shot a majority of our DASH lookbooks. In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time with his family and girlfriend.

Thank you Anthony for all your hardwork!

Our first inside scoop of what goes on behind the scenes at DASH! How exciting! What other behind the scenes would you like to see? Comment down below and let us know.

Xoxo, DASH




  • Mirror, mirror, on the DASH wall, whom is thine flyest of them all?

    ANNIE PANNIE is. #SwaggyP #Pinoman15 #P’sup #IBELIEVETHATWEWILLWIN #Fwitmeyouknowigotit

    - Melizza & Annakey Flores , 07/22/16
    - Kayla Pino, 07/20/16
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Trend Alert: 90's Comeback

July 14, 2016

The 90's are officially back and better then ever... OH SNAP! All around the world we have seen these throwback trends coming full circle and reworked into 2016. We've narrowed it down to the five that really matter from some of the hottest fashion icons then and now. 

If you love Clueless, Brittany Spears circa 1998, everything Drew Barrymore, & a badass Winona Ryder stay tuned for all that and a bag of chips. 

1. Chokers

Source: Getty Image & Wire Image

Drew Barrymore x Kendall Jenner || A trend basically resurrected from the dead, who would have thought these would have actually made a comeback? We are swooning over this reinvented look that has become more chic than ever before. 

2. Biker Jackets

Source: Getty Images & XPUSPAP

Winona Ryder x Khloe Kardashian || Leather has never really fully gone away, however, the recent comeback in biker and bomber jackets has completely sky rocketed. Now a staple wardrobe piece, a moto jacket is the perfect way to channel that inner badass.

3. Denim

Source: Rex Images & Fame Flynet

Drew Barrymore x Kourtney Kardashian || Cropped wide leg denim? You really shouldn't have... or should you? You thought keeping this trend in the past was best but we think not! These two really know how to kill this look flawlessly making us all want to try it out this season. 

4. Tube Tops

Britney Spears x Kim Kardashian West || Bomb diggity is all we can say. One of our favorite comebacks EVER. How can you not love the classic tube top? 

5. Flannels 

Source: ELM/Splash News

Alicia Sliverstone x Kylie Jenner || AS IF, we are seriously still obsessing over flannel and plaids. Whether you're rollin' with the homies or stepping out by yourself... Remember: Flannel is always a good idea. 


Shop Our Picks 

Keepin' it Real | Our Fav 90's Hits


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YES Way Rosè

July 12, 2016

Trend Alert: Stop and smell the roses… This season is all about Rose or as we would prefer Rosé… Lucky for us, we’ve been seeing this color trending everywhere from dresses, jewelry, tech accessories and more. Here are our favorites, now take your PICK!

Let's sip in style, brunch wear is all about being trendy + chic. Pairing this For Love + Lemons off the shoulder crop with some distressed denim is an easy go to outfit as you want to accompany the high class vibes with a semi-casual look. 

Sporty wear is everything this year and it is so easy to dress both up and down. Pair some of our favorite  Naked Wardrobe pieces with some sneakers of your choice for an effortless look. 

Swimwear is definitely changing this year and we are seeing so many new silhouettes and designs, this Beach Riot x Luv AJ bikini perfectly accents all things rose with a dash of edginess to it. Simplistic statement details on shorts + swim are so important and balance out the look flawlessly. 

The Emelia Romper by For Love + Lemons ultimately describes the rose vibe we are going for, incorporating both flowers details and a plunging mesh neckline. 

We've put together a collection of some our of rosé perfect pairings, whether you're looking for rosé in a can or something non-alcoholic, we can promise you these choices won't let you down. 



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10 Summer Essentials

July 7, 2016

Summer is finally here and those warm, sunny days to just bask in the sun and sip our favorite drinks are upon us! Of course we want to make sure you have your essentials covered from sunnies to swim and even a new favorite read for the pool. We’ve complied a list of our 10 Summer Essentials, a survival guide of everything we will be LOVING this summer at DASH Headquarters.

We all agree that almost everyone’s go to summer piece is a pair of amazing sunglasses. That being said we’ve seen across many trend reports this year that aviators have really made a comeback. We are taking a fashion step forward and getting our hands on these Mikoh HNL Sunnies, a key investment piece for Summer 16. Mikoh, one of our favorite swimwear designers just launched their first ever eyewear collection. Not only are they high quality, they offer a lightweight full titanium composition making these strong and corrosion free. Not to mention they are super comfortable to wear!

Summer is definitely not complete until you have that bikini of the season. We’ve seen so many trends this year including a huge spike in one-pieces, mono-kinis, and so much more. However, we just can’t stem away from this amazing new designer addition to DASH, Minimale Animale. Our favorite - Broadway Top & Fonda Brief Bottom with the perfect combination of mesh detailing, high-cut legs, low-slung bottoms and plunging necklines getting your hands on one of these is a major score.

Okay, so as much as we love to lay out in the sun and tan, life can be pretty demanding sometimes and with work and busy schedules it’s easier said than done to get tan time. Luckily, self-tanning has become a major movement over the past year, YES! We are currently loving this Kardashian Tan | Extender with Bronzer to achieve our sunkissed glow. This product not only tans it also extends the color for a long-lasting glow.

Now if you are going to be laying out and enjoying the pool or beach this summer, you’ll need a towel! Our DASH towel is completely exclusive to us and you won’t find this anywhere else. Additionally, it is the absolute perfect size and is super soft made of 100% Cotton black terry cloth.

As much as we love laying out and sporting our favorite bikini, we know how important it is to have a killer cover up as well. This season we are loving Kaftan’s, they have been on our radar here at DASH, especially this Jen’s Pirate Booty Mykonos one. One of our favorite things about Jen’s Pirate Booty is the uniqueness of each design, she produces it in 5 countries, all carefully chosen based on the beautiful textiles, specialty materials and local artisan techniques that they have to offer. Plus who isn’t down for versatility, this piece can be worn as a cover-up or with a bodysuit and shorts underneath.


No outfit is complete without jewelry of some sort! How cute are these Shy by Sydney Evans Pineapple Studs? We adore them; with the perfect cz crystal accents these can for sure make your outfit this summer. Even better, we have them in both silver and gold on

We’ve seen One Teaspoon make the perfect denim shorts year after year but these have got to be one of our favorites. With the perfect distressing and paint splatter details these feature that one of a kind look everyone has been going for this year. It perfectly pairs with a bikini top, basic tee, or pretty much anything for that matter. An obvious summer essential!  

We can’t stress the importance of staying hydrated, especially during super hot, desert days. What better way to do so then with our DASH water bottle? Trendy on it’s own in our “to die for” matte black composition, another DASH exclusive perfect for work or play. Plus we all love a water bottle with a straw for easy enjoyment!

Sometimes all you need is a day at the pool with your favorite book, to just kick back and enjoy the beauty of life. Summer reading is a key stress relief and at DASH we all have been exchanging our favorite recent reads. We all agreed Rebels: City of Indra is perfect for summer pool or beach day. Written by one of our favorite sister duos, Kendall + Kylie, you are in for an action packed novel about two girls Lex and Livia who are fighting through the world with super powers. A must read!

Last but not least, #10. We touched on the importance of jewelry back up at #6, however, we are obsessed with this Romeo Velvet Choker by 8 Other Reasons. Chokers and short necklaces have totally become that go to piece this year and we definitely don’t see it stopping anytime soon. This piece is so ideal for any summer day, night, or whatever events you have planned and it perfectly wraps up our top 10!

We hope you found at least one item you can’t live without this summer on our top 10 list. Here in Los Angeles, we are definitely awaiting those warm summer days ahead with the current weather we have been having here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when our posts go live!

What are your summer essentials this year? Comment down below and let us know!



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Bride's Guide 2016

July 5, 2016

Photo Credit: E! Online

Say “I Do” to our official guide on our vow-worthy top picks for the summer wedding frenzy. Whether you’re the Bride, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid or a Guest you can’t go wrong with any of these pieces. We’ve taken some wedding inspo from our favorite couple | Kim + Kanye | to get into the spirit of the season. Happily ever after starts here…

Bachelorette | Before she says “I Do” let’s dance around, celebrate, and have a drink or two! Finding the perfect bachelorette party dress can be stressful and surreal; we know you want to make your lasting impression for your big night out. This year experimenting with a larger color palette outside the traditional wedding white is super in. We’ve picked our favorite “statement chic” dresses for the occasion, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

  1. Strapped Midi Dress | Donna Mizani | $242.00 // 2. Zoa Dress | Torn by Ronny Kobo | $652.00 //  3. Tropicana Cross Front Midi Dress | Nookie | $198.00 // Leia Dress | MISHA | $334.00

Bridal Shower | You’ve already found Mr. Right, the right wedding dress, and so much more. Now is time to be sure you don’t go wrong and pick the perfect Bridal Shower dress. This day will be filled with mimosas, florals by the dozens and sweet treats galore, and you’ll look back on this day honoring YOU forevermore. We love lots of intricate lace detailing that has the elegant essence but also incorporates a slight edginess to it.

  1. Beverly Hills Dress | Boom Boom The Label | $141.00 // 2. A Love Like That Dress | Asilio | $418.00 // 3. Rosemary Midi Dress | For Love + Lemons | $290.00 // 4. Rosalita Mini Dress | For Love + Lemons | $260.00

What To Get Her | If you’ll be attending Wedding events figuring out what to get the Bride for her special day can sometimes be a challenge. We’ve broken it down into three different key categories we think are essential to cover in gift giving for her.

The Bachelorette Gifts | Aside from her big day, she’s been waiting for her Bachelorette party with all her closest girlfriends her entire life. Most bach party rituals include bringing the Bride some new bras + panties, associating some type of fun games to go along with it, or any type of gift that gets her excited for her big day. We’ve picked some of our favorite Skivvies For Love + Lemons bras and Arthur George socks that are more than wedding appropriate.

1. Bridesmaid Socks | Arthur George | $16.00 // 2. Ruby Applique Bra | Skivvies | $118.00 // 3 & 4. Flower Blossom Bralette & Pantie | Skivvies | $80.00 + $50.00 // 5. Anabelle Robe | Skivvies | $90.00 // 6. Brides Socks | Arthur George | $16.00 

 The Bridal Shower Gifts | Most practical bridal shower gifts consist of new kitchenware or a girl’s spa day, however, you can always add cute little extras that she will ADORE. We love these pampering type items! Perfumes, hair products, or hot tools are perfect for gift toppers or as a separate extra gifts that she will most likely even use on her wedding day.

  1. Kardashian Beauty Paddle Brush | $16.00 // 2. In the Kitchen With Kris Book | $20.43 // 3. I Love You Necklace | Shy by Sydney Evans | $125.00 // 4. Kardashian Beauty 3 in 1 | $152.00 // 5. Lumee Phone Case | $54.95 // 5. Kardashian Beauty Hair Spray | $16.00

Honeymoon Getaway | Bahamas, Bora Bora, Aruba and many others are just a few of the top honeymoon destinations for this year. Odds are the bride will be somewhere tropical post wedding and in need of new swimwear.

  1. Athens One Piece | Mikoh | $218.00 // 2. Bandit Top & Brief | Minimale Animale | $126.00 & $122.00 // 3. Panama Top & Pikake Bottom | Acacia Swimwear | $114.00 each // 4. Allie One Piece | ONIA | $150.00

We may not be your wedding planner but we definitely are on top of what essentials to say “I Do” to this wedding season. What are your favorites? Comment below & let us know what you’ll be picking up for your Bride!

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  • If I have an idea for Dash to have in store for the customers to accompany their purchases. Who do I run the idea past?

    - Rose Motley, 07/05/16
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Welcome Dolls!

June 30, 2016

June 30, 2016 | It’s been over a year since we’ve expanded our boutique into the eCommerce world. From what started as just one store in Calabasas by Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé, are now Los Angeles, Miami, and New York locations to bring us full circle around the world to cater to our Dolls everywhere.

We decided it was time to share a little more with all of you by starting our DASH blog, here you’ll find all the essentials from wardrobe must-haves, our favorite places & spaces, a behind the scenes look into the DASH headquarters + so much more.

We will be posting weekly content that you will not want to miss out on. Make sure to subscribe to our Instagram and newsletter to be updated on new posts and check back often for the latest.

Comment below and let us know what you are excited to see on our blog!


  • I love you guys so much and your store so much!!!! Also you have great prices!!!!!!!

    - Saylor Lewis, 07/06/16
  • Everything!!!!! :)
    - Karrie Thomas, 07/01/16
  • Everything!!
    - Maria Carter, 06/30/16
  • June 30, 2016

    I love you guys!

    You have infinite wedding invitations to my wedding!!!!! :D (I need the confidence echo…)

    Love you!

    Nick Jr.
    Keoki II

    - Nick Adulyadej Jr., 06/30/16
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